The key to retaining talent: employee perks

In a competitive market, many companies just don’t understand why they struggle to retain talent. One reason could without a doubt be their (lack of) employee perks.

Career Advice for Students Seeking Overseas Internships

Last week, I was invited to give a talk organised by AIESEC at the Hong Kong Baptist University as part of their Global Talent Programme.

How to Prepare for a Links Digital Interview

Links Digital Interviews are an award-winning modern recruitment tool that we use to streamline our recruitment process and deliver only the best candidates to our clients. The candidate answers the pre-recorded interview questions whilst recording themselves on their computer or mobile phone...

High Competition for HR Roles in Asia

People Management Asia, the official magazine of the CIPD, has just published an article about pay rises in Asia, which features insights from Links International as well as key findings from our Asia Salary Snapshot.

How much are you worth?

Ever wondered if you're being paid what you should be? Want to find out how much you're worth in 2016? Our 2016 Asia Salary Snapshot provides both employers and job seekers with a concise overview of salary and HR trends across Asia, including a glimpse of what motivates professionals in 2016.

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