Links Wins 4 Awards at HR Vendors of the Year!

The results for this year's HR Vendors of the Year in Hong Kong was just announce yesterday. Running alongside us were some of the most prestigious names in the industry, tensions were high as we awaited the announcements.

3 Telling Behaviours to Aid Your Hiring Decisions

Although the importance of a company’s application process is undeniable, it can also feel like one of HR’s more bureaucratic and mundane practices. This is especially true if an applicant pool is large and lacking in variation. The bright side to this, however, is that you’re able to validate...

Getting Your Bargain for Money with Recruitment Agencies

Are you getting your money’s worth? A story as told by one with 20 years of experience in the HR industry

Links just celebrated its 20th anniversary, and in our twenty years of HR services, we’ve come across many people asking about our services and our fees. In this article we’ll be focusing...

In-House vs. Recruitment Agencies: Find What’s Best For You

Recruitment is tiring business. Finding people with the expertise is one thing, but to secure the individuals who can significantly contribute to the business's growth, is an entirely different deal. 

3 Criteria to Winning the IT Talent War in Hong Kong

The market demands IT professionals. Between the record low unemployment rates in Hong Kong and the growing market demands, businesses are pressured to compete for the best talent.

Top Ranked APAC Cities for Women at Work

As we’re closing  in on the year 2020, gender equality still remains to be a topic of discussion. While gender parity issues are still prevalent in the workplace, globally, we’re seeing improvements on the matter.

Developing Your Employer Branding Through Consumer Brand

Are you the type to check out a company’s reputation before applying for a job? If your answer was yes, you’re not alone. Studies from TalentNow found that 84% of job seekers see the reputation of a company as an employer as important in their consideration, afterall, a good reputation is a good...

Why HR Tech and Strategy is More Important Now Than Ever

The APAC recruitment market is for the most part candidate driven. With digital disruption in the era of industry 4.0, businesses left and right are expanding their digital capabilities, requiring talent and people who can deliver.

【GS x Links International】Recruitment Tips for Startup Employers

Facing the highly competitive talent market, it can be difficult for small businesses to hire top talents, especially for start-ups. With 20 years of recruitment experience in Asia, Links International is a top recruitment agency specialised in identifying and tackling complex HR challenges. We...

How Much Should You Earn in 2019?

What should you earn? Learn about the Asia market rate and make the most out of 2019.

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