5 Things to Look for in a Good Payroll Service for Startups

In recent years, there’s been a growing interest by entrepreneurs, companies and investors on the Southeast Asian market. Seeing the potential, many businesses have specifically targeted Southeast Asia for their next stage of development.

HR Needs a New Approach in 2019: Achieving More with Less

Many companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right people for the job, a result of the competitive and progressively candidate-driven job market in Asia.

What Level of Payroll Risk do you have in Vietnam?

By Scott Thomson, Chief Operating Officer, Links International

If Your Business Outsources Only One Thing It Should be Payroll: Here's Why

By Phoebe Wong Yoke Lin – Associate Director - SEA , Links International Singapore

Businesses, both large and small, can find themselves stretched too thin. In smaller businesses, employees wearing multiple hats may seem like a great thing. 

How Exactly Does Payroll Outsourcing Work?

By Phoebe Wong – Head of HR Outsourcing , Links International Singapore

When you operate a Singapore business, many of your efforts go toward basic accounting functions: tracking revenues and costs, profits and losses, and one of the most labour intensive tasks: payroll processing.

Three Reasons Businesses Think In-House Payroll is Better than Outsourcing - and Why They're Wrong!

By Zac Ma – Associate Director - SEA , Links International Singapore

Small businesses in Singapore are booming, and many of them are looking for ways to get ahead of the competition.


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