Startling Mistake Most Growing Firms Make with HRIS in Asia

It’s budgeting season, the time when many growing small to mid-sized companies are about to make an expensive mistake.

Top 4 Payroll Challenges for HR Professionals in MNC

Being in charge of  human capital, there is a lot that falls under the HCM professional's line of responsibility. Depending on the type of organisation and field of industry your company operates in, you're likely to have challenges specific to your business concerning human capital. For HR...

Top 5 Questions about Payroll in Singapore

Singapore payroll guidelines and regulations are relatively transparent when compared with that of neighbouring countries. However, managing and understanding Singapore payroll can still be difficult, especially for small to mid-sized Singapore based companies trying to process payroll in-house...

5 Things to Look for in a Good Payroll Service for Startups

In recent years, there’s been a growing interest by entrepreneurs, companies and investors on the Southeast Asian market. Seeing the potential, many businesses have specifically targeted Southeast Asia for their next stage of development.

When Overtime Work Becomes Too Much for Japan

What happens when long working hours becomes too much to bear? In the late of 2015, Japan had a massive wake up call when a young 24 year old female worker at one of Japan’s biggest advertising firm committed suicide. The issue caught a lot of attention as many government labour officials...

How important is in-country support when outsourcing your payroll?

What is the first thing you notice as you enter an airport?

Perhaps it’s the plane landing in the distance, or the long strip of tarmac that goes off into the horizon. Our attention works in a way where we give priority to certain things and often forget or even block out events taking place...

Is your company ready for Australia’s Single Touch Payroll?

By Jessica Jones, Australian and New Zealand Payroll Manager at Links International 

In an effort to further digitise and improve the Australian tax system, the ATO (Australian Taxation Office) passed legislation for the Single Touch Payroll, a simple reporting solution that helps streamline...

Startups lose out by trying to do everything in-house

We recently posted an article on “Why Asia is the Place for Startup Success”, looking at the competitive edge of setting up a startup in Asia. As a follow up to that article, we will be looking more into how a startup, regardless of its location, can gain a competitive edge over other startups.

Top 5 Payroll Processing Problems

What happens when one of your primary functions is compromised? In light of Equifax’s data breach that broke the news in September, we are sorely reminded of the fragility of companies towards fraud.

Best Recruitment Firm & Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner!

After last week’s success in Singapore, when we were awarded the prize for  Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner, yesterday our Hong Kong team attended the Human Resources HR Vendors of the Year Awards 2017 at Hotel ICON in hopes we could add more trophies to our collection in Hong Kong.

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