How to Find the Right Job with Good Working Environment

No one enjoys being micromanaged, at least not anyone who takes pride in what they do. If you’ve recently been approached with an attractive job offer but don’t know how to decide, make sure to read this article on micromanagement before continuing.

Overturning a Dire Resume: How to Appeal to SME Employers

At the hype of HR as majority of the industry is chasing HR technology like a moth to a flame, Links International is keen in offering clients and candidates value beyond the latest systems. 

How to Escape the Dysfunctions of a Pointless Job

When asked what’s the most dangerous job, you may instinctively think about firefighters, stuntmen, or even sanitation workers, jobs where people are constantly exposed to physical harm. But what if the most dangerous job was one that many come across in their lifetime, disguised as a bargain...

The 1 Question You Need to Ask Yourself About Your Work

We’ve all been there, going into our work wondering why we’re there in the first place. According to a report by the Business Times, professionals are now more open to temporary and contract roles.

Boosting Employee Engagement and Work Motivation

In a study by Shawn Achor, who shared a word at TED on “The happy secret to better work”, showed that employees worked 31% more productively under positive stress. This statistic is found to be valid across different professions; for example, sales staff were performing 37% stronger and doctors...

What’s the best route to success in your job: Quick and efficient or slow and honest?

By Stanley Chan – Senior Consultant, Human Resources & Administration, Links International Hong Kong

Have you ever questioned whether it’s best to do things the quick and efficient way, or to take the slower and more honest route? 


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