Links International makes great pizza!

Links International cares about its employees and strongly believes that meeting important business targets should be commended and rewarded. That's why last week, after reaching our Q1 target, our Hong Kong recruitment and payroll outsourcing office was taken on a surprise adventure that...

Advice for graduates: step outside your comfort zone and set goals for the future

By Tracy Leung - Manager, Sales & Marketing Recruitment Team, Links International Hong Kong

It is the time of year when graduates are coming towards the gruelling process of job applications and interviews. Perhaps you have already secured your ideal job which will set you up for your future...

Quoted on eFinancial Careers: Why Chinese tech giants are hiring investment bankers

Links International was recently quoted in an article on eFinancial Careers regarding the increasing interest from Chinese tech companies in hiring investment bankers to help them with their international expansions and takeovers.

5 Reasons to use a headhunter

By Martin Hill - Head of Recruitment, Links International Singapore

You have worked extremely hard and have been promoted to Head of Function in your current organisation. You have had a good few years with the business and achieved a lot in your position and you are now looking for your next...

Hesitant about Temporary or Contract assignments? Be open to change

By Aily Foo, Senior Consultant - Temp & Contract, Links International Hong Kong

The demand for temporary and contract jobs across the globe, particularly in the banking industry or large corporations, is consistently growing.

Valuable lessons to be learnt from a job rejection

One of the hardest things for people to deal with is rejection. When you’ve followed all the rules to writing a winning CV and stuck to the formula of how to impress your interviewer, naturally, you’ve walked out of the interview feeling confident that the job is yours. Then comes that email,...

Success doesn’t come from salary alone

Most people base their success on the salary they earn as well as what their job title is, always striving to increase their earnings and work their way up to the most senior position. Yet, as that age-old saying goes, money can’t buy happiness, and a high salary does not necessarily equal...

How NOT to ask for a pay rise

By Las Rodrigo, Head of Recruitment - Links International Macau

Asking for a pay rise is never easy. In fact, it’s in our human nature to be almost embarrassed to ask for an increase in salary, even if we are doing well in our respective job positions and therefore deserve a pay rise.

How to leave a good impression on your recruiter and why this is important

By Tracy Leung, Manager - Sales, Marketing & Retail, Links International Hong Kong

As we all know, first impressions count, and nowhere is this more true than during the recruitment process when you are interviewing for a new job. When you meet your recruitment consultant for the first time, a ...

A letter to all candidates facing counter-offers

By Luna Chan, Senior Consultant – HR and Administration, Links International Hong Kong

In our many years in recruitment in Asia, we have learnt that, during the job search process, it’s not uncommon for a candidate who has accepted a job offer to be presented with a counter-offer by their...

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