Overturning a Dire Resume: How to Appeal to SME Employers

At the hype of HR as majority of the industry is chasing HR technology like a moth to a flame, Links International is keen in offering clients and candidates value beyond the latest systems. 

Hot New Job Opportunity in Hong Kong and Singapore Banks

Recently there's a hot new demand in the banking industry for product development roles. Not only is there an increase in demand but there's also been a shift in the job description where personality now plays a bigger role than ever before.

Carrying Out Personal SWOT Analysis on Your Problems

By Lavisha Dayaram – Associate Consultant, Sales & Marketing Recruitment, Links International Hong Kong

Ask yourself these two questions: are you happy with your job and are you happy with yourself? 

Links supports local Macau talent; from students to professionals

By Las Rodrigo– Head of Recruitment, Links International Macau

As manager of a recruitment agency in Macau, I can tell you that finding talent in Macau (much like everywhere else at the moment, I would imagine) can be a challenge.

Quoted on eFinancial Careers: Banks in Asia taking longer to hire, leaving job seekers disillusioned

Finding a job at a bank in Hong Kong or Singapore isn’t as easy, or as quick as it used to be. We were recently asked to comment on an article in eFinancial Careers about how banks in Asia are lengthening their hiring processes and leaving job seekers somewhat disillusioned as they wait in limbo...

How to retain top talent: invest in your employees!

By Darren Ng, Associate Consultant – Sales, Marketing & Retail, Links International Hong Kong

Working at a recruitment company in Hong Kong, I can tell you that once someone applies for a job in sales and marketing, for example, and has been hired for what looks like their “dream job,” it...

What to expect when you're expecting a job interview

By Stanley Chan – Consultant, HR & Administration Recruitment, Links International Hong Kong

When it comes to looking for jobs in Hong Kong, or indeed anywhere in Asia, landing a job interview is an accomplishment in itself.

FinTech vs. Asset Management firms: Competition or collaboration?

By Charity Ip – Senior Consultant, Asset Management Recruitment, Links International Hong Kong

As a specialist recruiter for finance jobs in Hong Kong, with a special focus on Asset Management jobs, I am naturally very interested in Financial Technology – or FinTech.

Why work in Macau?

By Las Rodrigo - Head of Recruitment, Links International Macau

As a specialist recruitment consultant in Macau, people often ask me what it is about the place that attracts people to work in Macau.

How to transition from Accountancy to Financial Planning & Analysis

By Rachel Poon – Consultant, Finance & Accountancy Recruitment, Links International Hong Kong

As a recruiter in Hong Kong specialising in the Finance & Accountancy field, one of the most frequently heard comments from Accountants is their desire to move into a Financial Planning & Analysis...

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