Advice for Graduates: Choosing the Right Internship for You

This time last year would have felt incredibly different if you’re a recent university graduate. For many, time comes to a standstill after the big ceremony. Your first thought might be ‘how on earth are am I supposed to start my career?’

Overturning a Dire Resume: How to Appeal to SME Employers

At the hype of HR as majority of the industry is chasing HR technology like a moth to a flame, Links International is keen in offering clients and candidates value beyond the latest systems. 

How to choose an internship in 6 easy steps

By Lavisha Dayaram – Associate Consultant, Sales & Marketing Recruitment, Links International Hong Kong

Over the years, there have been increasing numbers of students in Hong Kong spending their summers doing internships. 

What’s the best route to success in your job: Quick and efficient or slow and honest?

By Stanley Chan – Senior Consultant, Human Resources & Administration, Links International Hong Kong

Have you ever questioned whether it’s best to do things the quick and efficient way, or to take the slower and more honest route? 

How to trust your recruitment consultant: Meet them in person!


As a recruitment consultant in Hong Kong, I often hear negative feedback from candidates looking for a job in Hong Kong who have had a bad experience with their recruiter.

Is salary the most important factor when considering a job move in Asia?

Have you ever been approached by a recruitment company in Hong Kong and offered the perfect job, except for one little thing… the salary is much lower than your existing job? 

How to set achievable career goals for 2017

By Tracy Leung - Manager, Sales & Marketing Recruitment, Links International Hong Kong

Have you achieved your career goals for this year? Do you know where your career might lead you next year?

Reasons for Leaving a Job & When to Do So

By Aily Foo, Manager - Temp & Contract Recruitment, Links International

One of the questions that my candidates looking for jobs in Hong Kong often ask me is whether they should resign from their current job before securing a new job.

Looking for an award-winning recruitment company in Asia?

Then look no further!

Links International came home with not one, not two, but THREE trophies at the HR Vendors of the Year Awards last week in Hong Kong,adding to our already pretty serious collection of awards for both recruitment and HR outsourcing in Asia.

What to expect when you're expecting a job interview

By Stanley Chan – Consultant, HR & Administration Recruitment, Links International Hong Kong

When it comes to looking for jobs in Hong Kong, or indeed anywhere in Asia, landing a job interview is an accomplishment in itself.

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