Onboard- APAC 2019 Q4 Legislation Update

Links Onboard - Latest APAC Tax, Payroll & Labour Law Updates

Onboard- APAC 2019 Q3 Legislation Update

Links Onboard - Latest APAC Tax, Payroll & Labour Law Updates

How does the Labour Law in Vietnam Compare with HK and SG?

As research by The Brookings Institution puts it, Vietnam is a manufacturing miracle. While the rest of the world, especially that of the developed markets, are going through a phase of de-industrialisation, Vietnam has seen a steady increase in its manufacturing sector.

Onboard- APAC 2019 Q2 Legislation Update

Links Onboard - Latest APAC Tax, Payroll & Labour Law Updates

How to Set Up a Presence in China: Use PEO/ EOR Secondment!

China continues to be an attractive market of opportunities for international businesses despite the ambiguous outlook due to the US-China trade wars. According to PwC’s annual survey for the the 2018 APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) CEO Summit, 51% of business leaders plan to raise...

What is Employee Turnover, Why it Matters & What Causes It?

Employee turnover. By definition, employee turnover rate is the percentage of staff turnover over the average number of employees.

4 Simple Steps to Achieving Work Life Balance

There is growing concern over work life balance in Singapore. In part one of our ongoing discussion surrounding work life balance, we looked at the impact it had on the lives of both foreign and local employees working in the Singaporean market.

Corporate Wellness and Talent Retention in APAC

The Asia Pacific region  is faced with an imminent workforce dilemma. According to a study by Korn Ferry, by 2020, APAC is revealed to have a labour shortage of 12.3 million workers. This figure is projected on a steep rise of 47 million by 2030, hitting an annual opportunity cost of US$4.238...

Foreign Businesses Setting up in China: Shanghai Legislation

In the past decade, China has really proven itself to be a worthy location to expand into and a business goldmine. Just recently, there’s been talks of Google, looking to re-enter into the China market, after years of being away. Seeing the strong growth in China’s economy, businesses are...

Sales & Marketing - 2018 Mid Year Market Update

Knowledge and understanding is the first step to building a strong career path. In order to help candidates navigate the job market, at the beginning of every year, Links prepares a Salary Snapshot detailing the trends and events within the Asia job market. As we’re entering into the end of Q2,...

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