Foreign Businesses Setting up in China: Shanghai Legislation

In the past decade, China has really proven itself to be a worthy location to expand into and a business goldmine. Just recently, there’s been talks of Google, looking to re-enter into the China market, after years of being away. Seeing the strong growth in China’s economy, businesses are...

Doing Business in Vietnam: Simple Legislation Guide

For the past 30 years, Vietnam has proved it’s worth by being one of the fastest growing economies within Asia. With its young population and quickly growing wealth that’s brought the economy out of poverty and into a lower middle income market, Vietnam has attracted many business’ attention....

The Secret to Better Work : Fight Office Fatigue

In a study by Shawn Achor, who shared a word at TED on “The happy secret to better work”, showed that employees worked 31% more productively under positive stress. This statistic is found to be valid across different professions; for example, sales staff were performing 37% stronger and doctors...

Onboard Q2 2018 - Updates on Asia's Visa and Payroll

Below is the latest issue of Onboard, a quarterly update by Links. Onboard covers major payroll and visa developments across Asia. It is designed to get our readers updated at-a-glance. For more news and insights of the market, make sure to subscribe to our blog so you don't miss out on anything.

Temporary & Contracting - 2018 Mid Year Market Update

The Asian market moves quick and speaks by action. To help you better navigate the market, we’ve put together a Mid-Year Asia market update. Through our connection with numerous clients and candidates, Links is able to draw upon the latest insights in Asia.

Now is the Best Time to Expand Your Retail Empire into Asia

Is Asia the next big break for global retailers?

It’s a known fact that Asia is a sitting goldmine for businesses around the world. Asia’s quickly rising disposable income is major reason why it is a great breeding ground for growing retail businesses. In recent years, China has shown massive...

HR & Administration - 2018 Mid Year Market Update

Get a glance at the latest that is happening within HR and Administrative job market in Asia. If you're interested in getting more in-depth information on salaries and trends of the market, just click here, to download our latest 2018 Asia Salary Snapshot.

Sales & Marketing - 2018 Mid Year Market Update

Knowledge and understanding is the first step to building a strong career path. In order to help candidates navigate the job market, at the beginning of every year, Links prepares a Salary Snapshot detailing the trends and events within the Asia job market. As we’re entering into the end of Q2,...

Legislation Update: Minimum Wages in Vietnam [+Infographic]

Vietnam has two different kinds of minimum wages, common minimum wage and regional minimum salary. As of January 1st 2018, Vietnam has revised regional minimum salary, with the revision of Vietnam’s common minimum wage set to take effect from July 1st, 2018.

Here's how you can process your Asia payroll using Workday

By Scott Thomson – Managing Director, Links International

How do we process our Asia payroll using Workday?

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