Trends in Banking & Financial Services You Can’t Ignore

The new year is always an interesting time, marking a new cycle of the market and the adoption of new attitudes. As a business, it’s important that we keep our eyes peeled and pay attention to the movement and underlying trends in the market, in order to better equip ourselves for the upcoming...

Here is Why Your Business Can’t Find Great Talent

Simon Sinek has been an influential voice in business and a lot of his ideas have rubbed off in my past work. For a long time, people have separated business from people, borrowing from the movie The Godfather, “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.” And this is a phrase we hear all the...

Grab hold of your future with our 2018 Asia Salary Snapshot

It’s a new year, a time of change and renewal. As we walk into 2018, there is much to anticipate, with new hopes and aspirations for both our personal and professional lives.

At work, it is also a time of movement, as many are either deciding on a new opportunity or negotiating for a better deal...

The Conversation in Asia Towards the Gender Pay Gap

Pay, the thing that keeps the majority of people working their asses off in a company. Of course, there is the ideology that people should aim for careers and jobs that they enjoy, whereby salary becomes more of a secondary or even tertiary motivator. That said, it goes without saying that pay...

Quoted on eFinancial Careers: Six ways your Hong Kong banking job will get better in 2018

We were recently asked to comment on an article on eFinancial Careers regarding new jobs in the banking and financial industry this year, focusing in particular the Hong Kong market. The article mentions different roles including that of IT auditors.

Onboard Q4 2017 - Updates on Asia's Visa and Payroll

Please see below our latest issue of Onboard, Links International's quarterly update that keeps you aware of significant payroll and visa developments across the region.

New Year’s Resolution: A Move Towards Efficient Meetings

It’s a new year, a great time for change and resolutions. Many people are keen to start the new year with personal resolutions and improvements, such as losing weight and starting a healthier lifestyle, but what about your professional wellbeing.

Links 2017 Yearly Roundup

“2017 has been an exciting year at Links International!”

That’s the usual opening for yearly round ups like this one. As the year comes to an end, many companies will put together a short article thanking clients and candidates for their support.

Well, instead of just telling you what we did,...

Should You Know What Your Boss Earns?

We've been approaching salary and pay wrong all along! In this article, we look at the pay transparency approach, challenging the conventional wisdom of pay secrecy.

Top 5 Payroll Processing Problems

What happens when one of your primary functions is compromised? In light of Equifax’s data breach that broke the news in September, we are sorely reminded of the fragility of companies towards fraud.

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