11 Tried & Tested Ways to Engage Your Employees

Studies have long established that employee engagement is a crucial factor in order to achieve  better performance in the workplace. In one study, it has been found that engaged employees have 51% higher productivity than a business of disengaged employees.

The Shopfront of an HR Team: 3 Chances to Impress!

By Scott Thomson, Chief Operating Officer, Links International

Want to be recognized as an awesome and essential part of the business (and have GREAT career prospects)? It’s all in your shopfront experience. 

Links is Running for Charity!

On Sunday, 26th November Links will be participating in the UNICEF Charity Run!

At Links we recognise the value that people and actions can bring to the world. Specialised in HR, we are all for taking initiative and appreciating what each person can bring to the table to make a better tomorrow.

Links' Strategic HR Offering in Vietnam

Having won the award for HR Vendors of the Year’s Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner for two consecutive years, Links International continues to grow its service offering across the Asia-Pacific region.

4 HR Managers Answer Why so Many People Seem to Hate HR

The function of HR is to help smooth out the day-to-day operations of a company. Good HR is like the grease of a well-oiled machine, optimising the efforts of each person to help the company move forward and reach new heights.

However, the sad reality is that some people end up hating HR, for...

HR Leaders in Financial Services Discuss HR Analytics

 Links International is an innovative human resources outsourcing company in Asia. Here, we are firm believers that people are the ones to drive business success. This is why we dedicate ourselves to HR and in elevating the dialogue in the market place.

Insights into Asia: Hong Kong Business Etiquette

Welcome to our first blog series at Links International, Insights into Asia!

Don’t Start a Business in Asia Before Knowing the Culture!

If your company is looking to expand into another country, then ‘Glocalization’ should not be a foreign concept to you. Even if you’ve never heard of the word, chances are you have some appreciation for knowing the local culture before entering a foreign country for business.

6 Amazing Things You Can Do With HR Analytics [+Infographics]

In keeping with Links’ belief of Decision-Driving HR, we encourage the use of technology to enhance your people decisions.

Links’ New Addition to the Team : Driving Decisions with HR

HR Managers are usually not the most popular people in the workplace. Even if you don’t agree with this comment, chances are you’ve heard of the things that are being said about them.

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