How HR Should Really Be About Strategic Planning

It’s no secret, AI has taken over the market, setting new expectations across the board. Late last year, HR has seen a storm of technology take over the traditional processes of HR. Where previously HR talent were more focused on the administrative operations, technology has created a shift in...

How to Attract & Develop Key Talent: Mentoring Programs

What makes Google so successful? Aside from their advanced technological offering, they’re also well known for their culture and staff benefits, with large-scale employee mentorship programs to develop their staff. At the end of the day, the long-term success of a company boils down to the...

8 Ways Your Hiring Process Is Failing (#4 Isn’t for Everyone)

Earlier in the May, SCMP came out with a stunning report of Hong Kong’s unemployment rate that’s hitting a 20 year record low. Similarly at that time, Singapore reported to have hit a 7 year low unemployment rate, tipping the job market off balance.

3 Leadership Management Tactics You Need to Know

In our previous article, we talked about the toll that meaningless work can have on employees. The stress of doing a meaningless job is enough to shun the best talent from the team which can be a big problem for companies. In order to boost employee engagement at the workplace, an easy way is to...

How to Escape the Dysfunctions of a Pointless Job

When asked what’s the most dangerous job, you may instinctively think about firefighters, stuntmen, or even sanitation workers, jobs where people are constantly exposed to physical harm. But what if the most dangerous job was one that many come across in their lifetime, disguised as a bargain...

Signup to Links’ Japan Payroll, Labour Law & Compliance Workshop

Coming in October, Links will be hosting a workshop on Japan payroll, labour law & compliance. Flying in payroll, recruitment and legal expert, Kunihisa Chiba san from Japan, the event will be hosted in both Singapore and Hong Kong, and you’re invited!

EY Started Using HR Bots, Here’s 3 Things They Learned

Going into 2018, the biggest hype in HR was surrounding the use of AI technology. Now, over 9 months into 2018, while AI and chatbots are still relatively new avenues in world of HR, many multinational corporations has started exploring the use of AI as a way to elevate their HR function.

Onboarding: How to Get New Hires Started on the Right Track

New jobs are stressful. Nowadays companies are doing more to smooth out the process, but are we doing enough? Instead of the usual skills and technique training, what if we told you, there’s actually more that you can do to get your new hires ready and committed to the company?

2 Ways Managers Can Conduct Better Performance Reviews

We understand that praise has its benefits in motivating people.  However, when done badly they can become a stressor for the people who receive it, choking them up on current tasks and also affecting them down the line. A lot of the time, what many consider praise is really more of  a...

The 1 Question You Need to Ask Yourself About Your Work

We’ve all been there, going into our work wondering why we’re there in the first place. According to a report by the Business Times, professionals are now more open to temporary and contract roles.

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