How far behind is your HR Department with AI?

Elevate. It’s a word that is often used in the marketing sphere, especially in the current climate of AI (artificial intelligence) and cognitive learning technologies.

As HR leaders, the question that we need to ask is, what does it mean to elevate your HR function in an AI driven future, and...

What are the implications of GDPR on businesses in Asia?

Technology has advanced a lot in the past twenty years. Majority of us are now connected to the internet with at least one or more devices, constantly browsing the internet and sharing personal moments over social media.

25 April, a day for the unsung heroes at the workplace!

By definition, the role of an administrative professional is to smooth out the work environment for others in the workplace. For this reason, their efforts can easily be overlooked, especially when it’s done well.

How effective are staff mortgages in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is notorious for it's expensive housing which has now slowly translated to it's parking spaces as well, with Hong Kong holding the world record for the most expensive car parking space.

When prices are so escalated, the question rises on whether bank employee benefits such as staff...

1 Thing I learnt at the HR Tech Summit, it’s not about Tech

Attending business conferences and events of the like can be a blessing or a curse. The thing is, you can never really tell how these things will turn out until you physically attend them. Having been in the business for a while, you will undoubtedly have been invited to at least a handful of...

Onboard Q1 2018 - Updates on Asia's Visa and Payroll

Onboard, Links International's quarterly update that keeps you aware of significant payroll and visa developments across Asia.

How important is in-country support when outsourcing your payroll?

What is the first thing you notice as you enter an airport?

Perhaps it’s the plane landing in the distance, or the long strip of tarmac that goes off into the horizon. Our attention works in a way where we give priority to certain things and often forget or even block out events taking place...

Rolling out Workday, SuccessFactors or Oracle in Hong Kong? Here's what you need to know

By Scott Thomson – COO, Links International

HR Transformation in Hong Kong through Success Factors, Oracle or Workday HCMs

Simplifying HR - Links’ Hong Kong Legislative Page

At work, we always find ourselves being bogged down by the various tasks that are handed to us. Sometimes, even interfering with our ability to bring higher value.

The Secret to a High Performing HR Function in Your Business

The human resources department, previously referred to as “personnel”, is believed to have been first established in 1901 at the The National Cash Register Company. When it first began, the role of HR was more compliance-based, along with a slew of administrative based tasks.

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