How to get a job at a global bank

By Nick Lambe – Managing Director, Links International

I was recently quoted in an article on eFinancial Careers that gives young bankers advice on how to make it into an international firm despite not making the cut at graduate level.

Working mothers could improve their children's future prospects

By Charity Ip – Senior Consultant, Asset Management, Links International Hong Kong

I had my first child nine months ago. Returning to work was a big decision for me and I struggled for months before committing to work again.

The importance of taking holidays

By Aily Foo - Senior Consultant, Temporary & Contract, Links International Hong Kong

Feel frustrated at work? Perhaps it's time to take a break!

A Boxing Recruiter's Journey

By Las Rodrigo – Head of Recruitment, Links International Macau

As many of you may or may not know, I have undertaken the challenge of taking part in the annual Hedge Fund Fight Nite, which is happening at the end of this week.

Fresh graduates - winning the uphill battle

By Stanley Chan - Consultant, Human Resources & Administration, Links International Hong Kong

Being a fresh graduate and starting your job search is an uphill battle in the concrete jungle. Living in Asia does not make things any easier.

Are investment banks really attracting more Millennials?

By Nick Lambe - Managing Director, Links International

I was recently quoted in an article on Human Resources Online about how more Millennials are applying for banking jobs this year, after a slight lack of interest in previous years.

Links International makes great pizza!

Links International cares about its employees and strongly believes that meeting important business targets should be commended and rewarded. That's why last week, after reaching our Q1 target, our Hong Kong recruitment and payroll outsourcing office was taken on a surprise adventure that...

Advice for graduates: step outside your comfort zone and set goals for the future

By Tracy Leung - Manager, Sales & Marketing Recruitment Team, Links International Hong Kong

It is the time of year when graduates are coming towards the gruelling process of job applications and interviews. Perhaps you have already secured your ideal job which will set you up for your future...

Lunch Seminar with Brit Cham: What HR tech and best practices are trending in Asia?

As part of Links International's 2016 HR Tech in Asia Survey, we asked Asia’s HR leaders what HR tech and practices they used and which ones made their lives easier.  The key findings included:

Quoted on eFinancial Careers: Why Chinese tech giants are hiring investment bankers

Links International was recently quoted in an article on eFinancial Careers regarding the increasing interest from Chinese tech companies in hiring investment bankers to help them with their international expansions and takeovers.

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