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7 Effective Performance Appraisal Methods You Should Adopt

Performance appraisal is an excellent way for employers and supervisors to evaluate employee performance, recognize organisational silos and identify employee strengths and room for improvement. 

Mid-Career Switch: 5 Things to Consider Before A Career Change

You’ve been on the job for quite some time already, and your work is falling into the same old boring routine. Being stuck in a rut is no fun, you start questioning the point of doing the same tasks over and over again, wondering whether you’re wasting precious time you could be doing something...

Simple Guide to Find & Compare HCM Solutions for APAC

Looking into 2020, we see Human Resources (HR) departments further progressing into the more specialised role of human capital management (HCM). Whereas previously, there was little to choose from in terms of HCM solutions for the APAC region, nowadays you can find a plethora of HCM solutions,...

Labour Report by MOM Singapore on Retaining Employees

The US-China trade war has been shaking the global economy for over a year, causing unrest in businesses around the world. Singapore is no exception to this, seeing an impact to the economy from the US-China trade wars with lowered demands.

Best of Two Worlds? An HR Solution Too Good to Be True

The HR Solution That Gives You the Best of Both Worlds!

You're the owner of a growing business, and you have an important decision to make, what will you choose?

Advice for Graduates: Choosing the Right Internship for You

This time last year would have felt incredibly different if you’re a recent university graduate. For many, time comes to a standstill after the big ceremony. Your first thought might be ‘how on earth are am I supposed to start my career?’

Singapore, Supporting Start-up Culture like No Other

The term ‘start-up’ does not have a set legal definition. Yet, it is thrown around regularly amongst some of the most successful businessmen and women in the game. Whilst many regard its utility as nothing more than an overused excuse for investment (mainly by new and short-lived company owners)...

3 Telling Behaviours to Aid Your Hiring Decisions

Although the importance of a company’s application process is undeniable, it can also feel like one of HR’s more bureaucratic and mundane practices. This is especially true if an applicant pool is large and lacking in variation. The bright side to this, however, is that you’re able to validate...

Getting Your Bargain for Money with Recruitment Agencies

Are you getting your money’s worth? A story as told by one with 20 years of experience in the HR industry

Links just celebrated its 20th anniversary, and in our twenty years of HR services, we’ve come across many people asking about our services and our fees. In this article we’ll be focusing...

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