How to build a modern HR function on a shoestring in Singapore

By Scott Thomson, Chief Operating Officer, Links International

Unfortunately, the best business plan in the world fails nine out of 10 times if you don’t have the right people making it happen. 

How to negotiate a better job package

By Rachel Poon, Consultant – Finance & Accountancy, Links International Hong Kong

As specialists in recruitment in Asia, we understand that the job market is very competitive for job seekers in Asia.

The Week That Was: Global Business News Update. Issue 3

By Nick Lambe, Group Managing Director, Links International

Now that the Olympics are over, it seems that it’s been a bit of a slow news week across the board with possibly the exception of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rocking up dressed as Super Mario!

Is your big ego tearing you down?

By Tracy Leung, Manager, Sales & Marketing Recruitment, Links International Hong Kong

Recently, the two Chinese swimmers at the Rio Olympic Games have raised a bit of awareness due to their different personalities.

Should you consider hiring a boomerang employee?

By Aily Foo, Senior Consultant, Temp & Contract Recruitment, Links International Hong Kong

With today’s technology, it is much easier for people to stay in touch with former colleagues through social media networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

Work is your second home. Find the right one.

By Stanley Chan, Consultant, HR and Administration Recruitment, Links International Hong Kong

With every new job opportunity, there are additional things to consider besides the salary and 9+ hours a day you will spend there.

The Week That Was: Global Business News Update. issue 2

By Nick Lambe, Managing Director, Links International

Well it’s obviously all been about the Olympics these last 2 weeks and if you read the British press, the medal ‘rush’ that has started from team GB in the last few days is impressive!

Top 5 questions to ask your interviewer

One of the most crucial parts of the recruitment process is the interview. There are lots of things to consider when preparing for that all-important job interview. Firstly, you need to know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can sell yourself and what you can bring to the...

"Don't pick a job. Pick a boss"

By Las Rodrigo, Head of Recruitment, Links International, Macau

You may have seen the captioned quote on LinkedIn before and might have even commented on it.

The Week That Was: Global Business News Update. issue 1

By Nick Lambe, Managing Director, Links International

There were some pretty interesting stories in the market last week, but firstly I want to assure you that a certain game by a certain Japanese firm will not get a look in, even if that firm’s share price has gone through the roof.


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