How to build or expand in Asia under a headcount freeze

By Scott Thomson - Chief Operating Officer, Links International

I’m not reading any more Hong Kong HR bulletins or updates this week. I don’t think I can scroll through any more sensational headlines reporting the latest headcount freezes in Hong Kong or businesses in Asia cutting staff.

New leave benefits and incentives in Singapore

By Phoebe Wong - Head of HR Outsourcing, Southeast Asia

Singapore’s declining birth rate is said to be the “biggest threat to its survival”.

Links' Macau Recruiter enters Hedge Fund Fight Nite

As many of you may be aware, we have our very own Rocky Balboa here at Links International! Las Rodrigo, Head of Recruitment for Links’ Macau office has been training hard over the past few months for the Hedge Fund Fight Nite, an amateur boxing event that will be held at the Conrad Hotel here...

What's next for KYC and AML in Singapore?

By Nick Lambe - Managing Director, Links International

For the first time in 30 years, The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has withdrawn the licence of a merchant bank with its announcement yesterday of its action against BSI for their dealings with troubled 1Malaysia Development Berhad...

Don't lose the human touch

By Bella Khan - Associate Director, HR Outsourcing - Links International Hong Kong

Within the Human Resources industry, there are a wide range of technologies that can help facilitate HR processes. At Links International, our award-winning HR outsourcing team uses a number of these technologies,...

5 Reasons to use a headhunter

By Martin Hill - Head of Recruitment, Links International Singapore

You have worked extremely hard and have been promoted to Head of Function in your current organisation. You have had a good few years with the business and achieved a lot in your position and you are now looking for your next...

Hesitant about Temporary or Contract assignments? Be open to change

By Aily Foo, Senior Consultant - Temp & Contract, Links International Hong Kong

The demand for temporary and contract jobs across the globe, particularly in the banking industry or large corporations, is consistently growing.

Valuable lessons to be learnt from a job rejection

One of the hardest things for people to deal with is rejection. When you’ve followed all the rules to writing a winning CV and stuck to the formula of how to impress your interviewer, naturally, you’ve walked out of the interview feeling confident that the job is yours. Then comes that email,...

Success doesn’t come from salary alone

Most people base their success on the salary they earn as well as what their job title is, always striving to increase their earnings and work their way up to the most senior position. Yet, as that age-old saying goes, money can’t buy happiness, and a high salary does not necessarily equal...

How NOT to ask for a pay rise

By Las Rodrigo, Head of Recruitment - Links International Macau

Asking for a pay rise is never easy. In fact, it’s in our human nature to be almost embarrassed to ask for an increase in salary, even if we are doing well in our respective job positions and therefore deserve a pay rise.

Hong Kong employers offer non-statutory benefits to keep employees happy

We often talk about employee engagement and work-life balance. That is because these two things, which ultimately go hand in hand, are key factors in the overall success of a business; i.e. without a good work-life balance, employees lack motivation and engagement, thus leading to an inferior...

Asia's New Hot Job

By Nick Lambe - Managing Director, Links International

I was recently quoted in an article on eFinancial Careers about the new hot job – Conduct Risk.

How to leave a good impression on your recruiter and why this is important

By Tracy Leung, Manager - Sales, Marketing & Retail, Links International Hong Kong

As we all know, first impressions count, and nowhere is this more true than during the recruitment process when you are interviewing for a new job. When you meet your recruitment consultant for the first time, a ...

Big Data or Human Insight?

By Nick Lambe – Managing Director, Links International

I recently read an article regarding Big Data Analytics which discussed how human insight is essential to the process of managing change.


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