Startling Mistake Most Growing Firms Make with HRIS in Asia

It’s budgeting season, the time when many growing small to mid-sized companies are about to make an expensive mistake.

Why Regional HR Managers Need to Know About Thailand's New LPA

We’ve seen some major labour law and economic reforms early this year in Thailand. With the launch of policies tackling income and wealth inequality, enhancing worker protection and regulations to be more business-friendly, there is a low businesses in Thailand need to be aware of. 

Why Employee Engagement Matters- Links’ Trip to Ocean Park

For anyone who’s been closely following HR trends, they may already be very familiar with the phrase “employee engagement”. While more companies have started to adopt ways to improve employee engagement, not everyone grasps the true value of it. 

Making a Move for Movember! Links Wellness Challenge

In support of gender equality, this year Links is taking part in Movember, a foundation for men’s health, tackling prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.

Most Meaningful Team Building Activity Yet: With Photos!

At Links we do a lot of different team building activities. We have the Links Olympics and our annual boat trip just to name a few. Seeing how this year was our 20th year in business, we wanted to engage in a way that gave back to the community, so last week our HK team went all the way to Tuen...

Top 4 Payroll Challenges for HR Professionals in MNC

Being in charge of  human capital, there is a lot that falls under the HCM professional's line of responsibility. Depending on the type of organisation and field of industry your company operates in, you're likely to have challenges specific to your business concerning human capital. For HR...

Onboard- APAC 2019 Q4 Legislation Update

Links Onboard - Latest APAC Tax, Payroll & Labour Law Updates

7 Effective Performance Appraisal Methods You Should Adopt

Performance appraisal is an excellent way for employers and supervisors to evaluate employee performance, recognize organisational silos and identify employee strengths and room for improvement. 

Mid-Career Switch: 5 Things to Consider Before A Career Change

You’ve been on the job for quite some time already, and your work is falling into the same old boring routine. Being stuck in a rut is no fun, you start questioning the point of doing the same tasks over and over again, wondering whether you’re wasting precious time you could be doing something...

Simple Guide to Find & Compare HCM Solutions for APAC

Looking into 2020, we see Human Resources (HR) departments further progressing into the more specialised role of human capital management (HCM). Whereas previously, there was little to choose from in terms of HCM solutions for the APAC region, nowadays you can find a plethora of HCM solutions,...

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